Best Massage Balls

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Peaceful, supportive massage
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Kneads as massage therapists do
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Bigger is better
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Soft and firm massage
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Twice the massage
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1. Mandala Yoga Ball

Yin Yoga Massage Ball

Eliminate muscle knots and tensions through gentle massage using one's own body weight. Simply place the balls in tight areas and let gravity take over. Begin today to roll away sore and tight muscles with this dynamic self-healing tool.

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What others are saying

I have a sensitive spine, and usually cringe when someone's thumbs or fingers get too close, but I don't have that problem at all with these balls - they take virtually no technique to feel good - just pressure.
- Trisha M.5-star-rating-small1

I just started using them on my hip flexors, which I recently injured in a race, and I can definitely tell a difference in that the tightness in the muscles has loosened up considerably. I'll definitely keep using these throughout my recovery!
- Natasha5-star-rating-small1

I get great relief after rolling around on the floor on these wonderful massage balls. Two thumbs UP!!
- Connie Gruning5-star-rating-small1

Solid with Better Support

Mandala Massage Balls are ideal for deeping your yoga practice, self-soothing massage, prenatal massage, and recovery from injury. Made of durable, solid rubber, this massage ball provide greater support than tennis balls. Simply place the balls in tight areas and let gravity take over.


  • Easy and effective self massage - position and relax body weight on it
  • Immediately realize myofascial release
  • Smooth and sturdy - dense rubber
  • Hassle-free money back guarantee - 30 days, no questions asked

2. RumbleRoller Beastie Massage Ball

Mean Massage Ball

The RumbleRoller is knobby, doesn't mash and tug your muscles, but kneads in the same way a therapist would. Fantastic and horrendeous device for deep tissue massage without rolling off it. Detachable base for elevation, intensifying pressure, and greater stability for massaging.

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What others are saying

Man this thing hurts! But in a good way. I got used to the tightness of it after about 3 weeks and now I love it.
- LPAnderson5-star-rating-small

I was a bit hesitant to buy this, however Im glad I purchased it definitely alleviates very sore tender spots that need extra,firm and direct pressure. Very firm! You have been warned
- Jessica Guevara5-star-rating-small

Love it for getting those knots out of my traps, serratus major, and rhomboid minor. Great along the erectors too.
- J. Flynn5-star-rating-small

Aggressive Kneading

With multiple "bumps" patterns acting as "thumbs" of a massage therapist's, RumbleRoller kneads muscles more effectively than foam rollers. This massage ball is designed for trigger-point muscle relief for deeper massages and relief of muscle tension.


  • 32 firm, flexible bumps with optimal spacing for penetrating relief
  • 3.0" diameter
  • Won't absorb sweat
  • Won't permanently deform
  • Latex-free and phthalate-free

3. Pro-Tech Massage Ball

Bigger is Better Massage Ball

Recover faster and perform better when you incorporate the Pro-Tec® Athletics The Orb Deep Tissue Massage Ball into your fitness routine. Get an aggressive deep tissue self-massage targeted on the areas you need it most and enjoy decreased muscle fatigue, increased flexibility and enhanced performance.

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What others are saying

This ball has become a staple in my stretching routine and has prevented extended downtimes due to injury.
- Nichole B.4-star-rating-small

I have shoulder pain and this orb ball is the best to help me pinch and pressure specific areas of my shoulder and back, areas I can't reach. Highly recommend this product.
- Annie5-star-rating-small1

It helps all those tight muscles, and is even good for preventing those tight muscles after a workout. I'm very happy with this purchase, and use this little guy constantly. What a relief.
- Emma "Honestly"5-star-rating-small1

Target and Roll

The Orb massage ball from PRO-TEC helps you massage target areas, reducing muscle fatigue and tightness. It's perfect for post-workout use. Multidirectional and provides a deep tissue massage to roll out tightness and prevent injury in the back muscles.


  • Multi-directional roll provides focused massage to target areas
  • Deep tissue massage: reduces muscle fatigue, promotes flexibility, and enhances performance
  • 5" diameter high density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage
  • Includes product manual detailing how to use the product

4. TPP Massage Ball

Fabric Massage Ball

Assists in managing minor aches and pains of the muscle by applying pressure to general areas. The Trigger Point Performance Massage Ball material mimics the feel of the human thumb, allowing you to massage nearly any part of the body safely and effectively on your own.

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What others are saying

I use the fabric ball when I want to "prep" and desensitize a trigger point -- then I follow up with the lacrosse ball. It's a marriage made in heaven!
- Charles Norman5-star-rating-small

Not sure how to rate feels it. feels like a hard tennis ball with thread on it. Just get a lacrosse ball
- Gary D. Robbins3-star-rating-small

I use the massage baller for my feet after running and between my shoulder blades when I feel muscle tension there - it really helps!4-star-rating-small
- cobaltblue

Stable and Supportive

The Trigger Point Massage Ball is designed to help relieve the muscle of existing minor aches and pains by applying targeted pressure to the muscle. Apply pressure with the Massage Ball by using the floor, wall or any hard surface to stabilize movement of the ball.


  • Trigger Point Massage Ball targets small, hard to reach areas
  • Helps relieve minor aches and pains
  • Massage Ball allows for targeted and concentrated pressure on key areas

5. SKLZ Accupoint Massage Ball

Two-in-One Massage Ball

the Accupoint offers an ergonomic design that cradles the spine for corrective therapy or applies pressure to localized pain in parts of the body where trigger release is required. The foam material is durable and easy to clean.

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What others are saying

I strongly recommend this to those who like deep pressure and want to remove spasms, and/or stretch their backs.
- Stephen Ashley5-star-rating-small1

It feels way better than it sounds 🙂 I've also used this on my shoulders, and it's very easy to use by yourself.
- Jess5-star-rating-small1

Works okay, but limited in scope. A tennis ball or 2 will get the job done better.
- B. Junkin-Mills "brookemom"3-star-rating-small

Double Trouble and Smaller

The SKLZ AccuPoint Massager Ball is a corrective therapy tool designed to accelerate recovery from back pain and sports injuries. Good for localized pain, it cradles the spine, applying pressure to increase circulation.


  • Effective at relieving back pain and stiffness with soft yet dense material so that applied pressure targets stiffness and pain points
  • Cradles the spine for corrective therapy and applies pressure for increased tissue mobility
  • Use on other painful localized parts of the body where trigger release is required
  • Accelerate recovery from back pain and sports injuries
  • Professional Sports Trainer designed
  • Includes massage guide