Best Back Massagers

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81KgNXO1y2L._SL1500_-1024x6352MUSCLE WIZARD
Hands-free strap massager with knobs
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81KgNXO1y2L._SL1500_-1024x6352BODY BACK BUDDY JR
Mini-me with versatility
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Easy to use, quick relief
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Multiple knobs for multiple body parts
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Simple and gets job done
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1. Muscle Wizard81KgNXO1y2L._SL1500_-1024x6352

Hands-free massage

The Muscle Wizard provides natural pain relief without having to hire a professional masseuse. This self massage tool comes with 4 specially formulated therapy knobs that mimic the pressure of a finger...

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What others are saying

Even if you're not in pain, after a stressful day a neck/head massage feels great and you can use the muscle wizard for this too, with as little or as much pressure as you like as you control it.

- Nicola Phillips "Nicola"

If you have a lot of muscle aches and pains and don’t want to sit there holding onto something while hitting your muscles, this product is for you.

5-star-rating-small - Blueish125 "blueish12"

I didn't think this super easy to use product would be this effective. I was very happy and absolutely satisfied with the purchase.

- Gursimran Kaur5-star-rating-small

Hands-Free and Self Massaging

The only massage tool on the market that can help apply deep massage pressure without getting tired from using your arms or hands. Use it hands-free while working at your desk. Apply gentle pressure for sensitive muscle knots and trigger points.


  • Perfect for office workers, athletes, computer users
  • Designed to mimic finger pressure
  • Comes with Training DVD, quick start guide and online membership access
  • Applies gentle pressure for sensitive muscle knots and trigger points

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The Muscle Wizard Review

Read about Muscle Wizard VERSATILITY [Score: 93/100] +

Versatility: The Muscle Wizard can massage all sorts of parts of the body. You can massage the back, legs, arms, calves, shoulders, etc. There are four knobs for multiple points of contact along the target area. With its strap design, you can wear the Muscle Wizard in all sorts of ways to position the knobs. The pressure you apply is based on where you wrap the strap around. For example, the Muscle Wizard is commonly used for lower back massages. You wear the strap with the knobs pressed against your lower back and wrapped on your shins. The strap is then tightened accordingly and you simply lower your knee to pull the knobs inwards onto your back. This allows for multiple levels of pressure, and is easy to adjust depending on your massaging needs.

Read about Muscle Wizard PRECISION [Score: 94/100] +

Precision: The knobs on the Muscle Wizard are specific to a general point. With four knobs, you can reach points that are nearby where you want to massage. This precision and additional massage points is equivalent to four thumbs massaging your muscle pains away. The Muscle Wizard can reach many places on the body, including the shoulders, upper back, lower back, and thighs. The knobs can be used for manual massage for the calves, arms, and shins.

Read about Muscle Wizard EASY TO USE [Score: 72/100] +

Easy to use: There is some degree of difficulty when first using the Muscle Wizard. This massager is relatively new, so there’s not a lot of information out there. Its design is unique and, I would argue, revolutionary to self-massagers. The Muscle Wizard design does not require any hands and very little effort to apply pressure for massages. There is also a buckle for detaching the strap if needed. Common uses for the Muscle Wizard involves lower back massage and posture correction for those long hours in an office chair, in front of a computer. The Muscle Wizard website also contains a lot of videos demonstrating the multiple uses of the product.

Read about Muscle Wizard PORTABILITY [Score: 84/100] +

Portability: The strap design allows for easy carry. The Muscle Wizard could be carried by wearing it over one shoulder or around your neck. The strap could also be rolled up and neatly tucked away in your backpack compartments or into a bag. It’s lightweight in design, and takes up very little space when rolled up. Can be easily stored in a small drawer without complaints.

Read about Muscle Wizard QUALITY [Score: 91/100] +

Quality: The Muscle Wizard features cotton canvas straps, similar to most backpacks. This allows for high durability and the ability to sustain high pressure massages. There is also padding with the Muscle Wizard logo on it to provide comfort for the body part that is pulling the strap. The price point for this self-massager is $60. It is definitely pricier than the average massagers by $10-$15, but because of its versatility from design and  multiple precision points with no hands required, the Muscle Wizard is definitely a must have for those who sit frequently. It is also a great general massager that is hands free.

The Bottom Line

The Muscle Wizard may be slightly pricier than most self-massagers. Given the design and hands free use, with different levels of pressure from its adjustable design, the Muscle Wizard is an amazingly useful tool.

I highly recommend this massager for relieving all sorts of back and shoulder pain. With great support and response time from its creator, the Muscle Wizard is easy to use and requires little effort to apply the right amount of pressure you need to massage those muscle knots and trigger points.

2. Body Back Buddy Jr.

Mini-Me Back Massager


Customer requests inspired us to design the smaller Body Back Buddy Jr. (tm) Trigger Point Travel Massager for traveling and overall convenience. The Body Back Buddy Jr. (tm) has 7 therapy knobs which allow you to reach and comfortably treat every major muscle group and trigger points. It is perfect for smaller framed people or those on the go.

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What others are saying

I purchased both the Body Back Buddy and the Body Back Buddy Jr. Since I am only 4'10", the Jr. is better for me. The beauty is... now I can reach all of those trigger points myself!
- Deb5-star-rating-small1

I use this every day. I love it. This one is a little more compact than the big one, but I can use it just as well!
- Lownice E.5-star-rating-small1

My boss at work purchased one for the office and I used to wonder what it was for. Once I realized why and what for I had to get one for my home!
- Mrs. Reese5-star-rating-small1

Small Yet Effective

The Body Back Buddy Jr. will feel like a true friend when you use it to soothe hard-to-reach and not-so-hard to reach sore spots on your body.  The Body Back Buddy Jr. has 7 therapy massage knobs that, with proper leveraging techniques, easily work out muscle knots and trigger points for a finely-tuned self-massage session. Its ingenious design reflects years of research and consultation from massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.


  • Compact, effective and easy to use.
  • You control the pressure making it easy to customize treatments to your needs.
  • Small enough for travel and compact storage.
  • 100% money back guaranteed
  • Comes with a free 12 page instruction booklet.

3. Thera Cane

Simple Hook Back Massager

Thera Cane self-massage device uniquely designed to apply pressure to sore muscles. The simple yet effective self-massager makes it easy to apply pain-relieving deep compression directly to hard, knotted trigger points anywhere they occur, breaking up tension even in the hardest-to-reach muscle areas.

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What others are saying

Buy this odd-looking, yet extremely handy device if you have a hard-to-reach spot that needs constant attention. Especially useful for the back or if you need to apply a good amount of pressure on spots such as the bottom of the foot.
- Sarah P.5-star-rating-small1

Over the years I purchased a half dozen of them,not because they wear out, but to keep them handy when I need it. I keep one in each of my cars, and both tv rooms in my home.
- Dopy Doorite5-star-rating-small1

Getting a "cane" for my birthday made me feel a little older, but as those sore spots tend to stick around a little longer, now, this will definitely help speed up the recovery!
- Lisa Schaller5-star-rating-small1

Efficient with Pressure

The TheraCane works by adding pressure to the muscles, which helps maximize the flow of oxygenated blood. It's the perfect tonic for a recurring injury, a long day on the job, or an active afternoon in the garden. This pressure aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up adhesions in muscle fibers and tensions, thus making the muscle work more efficiently.


  • Cane-shaped massager for easing aches and pains
  • Applies pressure to sore muscles and trigger points
  • Two strategically placed projections and 6 treatment balls
  • Ideal after long work days or strenuous activities
  • Two-year warranty

4. Backnobber II

Easy "S" Back Massager

Made of a highly durable, polymer/fiberglass composite, molded in the shape of an "S," The Backnobber II device can be hooked over the shoulder or under the arm so that one of the two ends can be pressed into any of the muscles of the neck or shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings.

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What others are saying

I highly recommend this product for everyone and would make a perfect gift as well. Try it and you'll agree that it is the best $30 you've spent in a long time!
- ethen19645-star-rating-small1

I don't know what I would do without my Backnobber, it allows me to work the painful trigger points I get in back and neck. After just a few minutes, I feel like a new person.
- M. Costello5-star-rating-small1

I've been wanting something that could accomplish this for some time. The two different sized "S" curves allow you to reach and apply pressure/massage all those sore spots in your back.
- F. Tarabay5-star-rating-small1

Simple and Convenient

The Backnobber II tools natural shape and dimensions allow the user to apply as much pain-releasing pressure for as long as required to achieve its remarkable effects. It is equipped with a locking mechanism that allows it to be taken apart for convenient storage or travel. It will easily fit into a normal size briefcase or overnight bag.


  • Convenient breakdown feature allows for easy travel and storage
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 35 Page User Guide
  • Noninvasive

5. Body Back Buddy

Best Buddy Back Massager

This popular design reflects years of feedback from massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. With 11 uniquely positioned therapy knobs, you can reach any muscle to release it out of contraction or massage it to keep it pliable, which helps reduce muscle injury.


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What others are saying

I especially love the pointy knobs for really digging into deep trigger points in the back, shoulder and feet. The center knob does a great job of releasing tension in the Multifidus muscles along the spine all the way up to the back of your neck.
- D. Kim "DeyBwah"5-star-rating-small1

The bbb is also very sturdy. Takes a little bit of experimentation to get used to it, but all in all, it's one of my favorite self-massage tools and I would highly recommend it.
- Ken in the city5-star-rating-small1

I've been using it now for over a year.... the more you use it, the better you get at it, and therefore the more effective it is.
- Michelle5-star-rating-small1

Fast Aid and Lightweight

Stimulating blood flow with the Body Back Muscle to help muscles with oxygenation and blood circulation. This aids in faster muscle recovery. Engineered to be lightweight, strong, and easy to maneuver around every area of your body.


  • Easy to understand instructions included
  • 11 therapy knobs. Relieve spasms, tight muscles, trigger points and pressure points
  • Easy to control design provides countless ways to navigate the tool for optimal leverage and control to treat any area on the body
  • Quality Made in USA Since 1995 and Lifetime warranty