its-me-brianHi, my name is Brian. I’ve had low back pain for awhile now. Like you, I also get muscle aches and pains left, right and centre. I’ve been using different massage tools over the years and found a few great ones, and a few not too great. Let me share with you what I’ve learned, and help you out with relieving those stupid pains that slow you down.

I’m a finance student. I sit at my desk crunching numbers, and sifting through annual company reports all the time. I also work in front of a computer many hours at a time.

I lift weights, play volleyball, and sit in front of a piano on a weekly basis. I took karate, and was thrown on the floor a fair amount of times. I recently started to play tennis more often as well. With all these stupid aches and pains I get, I can’t imagine how my future might treat me if I wanted to keep up with this lifestyle of mine.

Staying active is important to who I am. Being pain-free is a definite must. I take care of myself just as much as I stay active. And I want to help everyone else out, too. That’s why I set up this website!

I’m going to give you honest, no holds barred reviews of products. I’m not going to sugar coat things. You’ll also get tips and knowledge bombs on taking care of yourself. I hope you get a lot of value out Massage Tool Reviews. Let me make your decision easier; save your time and energy. I’ll be your crash test dummy for massage products.

If you’d like to reach me, shoot me a message by clicking here and filling out the contact form.