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The underestimated health benefits of a good massage

How you can help yourself recover from a long day of work with sore muscles, aches and pains

Imagine a long day standing on concrete floors, lifting heavy boxes, or sitting at a desk. Your back hurts, you feel an annoying pain in your shoulder or neck. Fatigue, repetitive movements and muscle tone for a longer time can lead to some or perhaps all of these symptoms.

This is your body saying, 'hey, take it easy with me! " How you respond to these symptoms determines how you will feel. What if your stress, pain, fatigue and stress through massage could get away from your body? There are many reasons why someone would want to get a massage.

The health benefits of a massage should not be overlooked. Not only is it relaxing, but also works to reduce muscle tension and fatigue. Regular massage helps to improve your health. There are many advantages to massage, including physical, emotional and physiological improvements in the body.

A massage can be used for different purposes. Many people massage for stress. Others look for massaging for athletes. It can be a perfect complement to fitness or strength. (I’m thinking about you, runners with your massage rollers!) It improves performance and reduces muscle pain. With a solid partial or full body massage, the stimulation releases your body’s endorphins and oxytocin.

These chemicals reduce stress and increase your overall happiness. Couple this with the best massage tools and devices, you can begin stimulating blood circulation and muscles for reducing tension and recovery. Massage tools allow for many types of massage, including deep tissue massage.

Before you know it, you’ll be back up on your feet and working in no time. Also worth mentioning is massaging also supports your immune system activities, reducing the risk of contracting certain diseases and muscle pain.

Here’s a list of reasons you should include massages into your daily routine, no matter which body part:


Physical benefits

If you’re active in sports, a solid massage as part of a warm-up is even more important. Aside from physically getting the bloody pumping, removal of waste in your body is equally vital. Lactic acid builds up, among other waste. Give yourself a massage, for example, between intervals of matches or games. Cool-down with a good massage. If you injure yourself, help yourself and speed up your recovery.

A recent study has shown that dancers were flexible, that their mood, balance and posture is improved with regular, routine massages.

Emotional Benefits

During a massage can loosen emotions. The massaging movements, possibly combined with heat and / or aromatherapy (eg. Hot stone) lead to relaxation and releasing stress.

Physiological benefits

Studies performed by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami indicate that the immune system is enhanced in children who were massaged daily by their parents. In these children increased, the content of the white blood cells and neutrophils. Massage is used as a treatment for many diseases and during the recovery period following surgery.

Scientists believe that by releasing massage certain chemicals in the body that helps fight disease.

You undergo regular massage, you know how relaxing this can work. You let go of all the stress and experience a complete sense of well-being.

Through massage, you are less likely to get sick because of the positive effects on the immune system and physical illnesses are caused by stress are less likely. Furthermore take psychological problems like anxiety and stress off or prevented.

Massages are a proven and effective way to promote both mental and physical health.